Educational Assessments

Assessing for Learning Disabilities and Giftedness

Families Forward offers a comprehensive assessment for learning disabilities, specifically dyslexia, dyscalculia, and processing disorders, as well as giftedness. The assessment includes an in-depth developmental interview at the onset of the assessment to guide the testing and a feedback session is offered at its completion.  The report as well as the in-person explanation of results and recommendations are detailed and thorough and are explained in a way that allows parents to apply them to everyday life. The psychologist is also available to attend school meetings and advocate for your child’s needs based upon the assessment results.  We feel strongly that ever child has strengths that can aid them through their weaknesses and through assessment we can identify the best learning strategies to help a child thrive. Educational testing is not considered medically necessary and therefore is not covered by most insurance companies.  Please call our office for more information on our fees for this assessment.