Lisa Gentry, M.Ed., LPC

Lisa Gentry, M.Ed., LPC is the assessment coordinator and psychometrist for Families Forward. She is a dedicated clinician that puts forth diligent effort to gather as much data as possible to understand and give helpful recommendations for the children, adolescents, and adults. She received her graduate degree from the University of Georgia counseling department. Her honors thesis focused on childhood trauma and adolescent substance use. While at UGA, Lisa studied infant development in the University of Georgia Infant Lab and oversaw the graduate housing program. She has experience working in a juvenile residential center, a psychiatric inpatient facility, and a home for at-risk children in India. Lisa has first-hand knowledge of the educational system and the needs of students given her past role working in the counseling department for the Oconee County Board of Education. Lisa loves the process of assessment because it plays a big part in determining the most effective course of treatment for many patients, which is a responsibility she takes very seriously.